16 tonnes

Gear Box

G600/ G750

TATA Motors Commercial Vehicles G600/G750 family gear boxes are very robust, proven and updated to meet the market requirements over the years. These products are specially designed to cater to the Indian operating conditions. Optimally designed gear ratios offers best in class fuel economy along with good drivability. State-of-the-art synchronizers enable driver to shift in the various gears smoothly.


  • Indigenously developed 9 speed gear box
  • Crawler Gear with deep ratio for Heavy haulage and Deep mining operation
  • High Durability - Ground high strength gear provide durability in heavy haulage application
  • Over-Drive Version - Lesser turnaround time for on-highway trucks due to higher achievable speeds
  • Internal Lubrication pump - Better Gear and bearing lubrication even while operating in hilly terrains
  • Oil Cooler compatibility - Oil cooler can be installed based on requirement
  • PTO compatibility - Standard PTO's can be installed for Mining and Tip Trailer operation
  • Double – H Shift Pattern - Ease in shifting, with minimal driver training
  • Suitability up to 430mm dia. Clutch
  • The first gear ratio is deeper than 6 speed gearbox, hence higher gradeability, ability to start on grades
  • The wider range with optimal ratio steps results in smooth gear shifting
  • The increased durability of gears to separate planetary range gear box allows higher input torques