Getting to Know Your Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T

      Getting to Know Your Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T

      Tata Motors | Feb 4, 2020 7:05 pm
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      The new generation Ultra Ex 1918.T is a recent entrant in our business utility portfolio of Tata Ultra vehicles. The Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T is a long-haul cargo truck purpose-designed for flexibility – this pathbreaking platform has the modularity to cater to various fully built applications with its:
      -4 wheelbase options – 4530mm, 4920mm, 5300mm and 6800mm
      -3 deck-lengths – 20, 24 and 32ft
      -2 body options – HDLB and CLB

      Its category-best mechanical specifications include:
      -India's first fuel-intelligent engine, the 5L, 4-cylinder Turbotronn – a compression ignition, water-cooled Direct Injection, turbo-charged, intercooled common-rail diesel engine
      -Proven and reliable high capacity 6S transmission of the Tata G750 gearbox
      -High efficiency drivetrain equipped with Meritor MS 13-145 rear axle, and heavy-duty front axle
      -GVW of 18500 tons, 22% gradeability in running conditions with 20% at restart.

      Besides the mechanical specifications of the heavy commercial vehicles, the Ultra Ex. 1918.T is distinguished by the unique cabin details and features of the Tata ULTRA range.
      -Its cockpit is both functional and attractive, having been designed by leading European design house, Bertone.
      -The walkthrough cabin with a width of 2.2m offers best-in-class comfort, safety and style. Its three-way adjustable, mechanically suspended seats enhance driver comfort
      -It features a tilt &telescopic steering column for easy adaptability to multiple driver sizes and driving habits
      -The 4-spoke, soft-touch steering wheel is also easy and comfortable to handle
      -The ergonomically designed dash mounted gear lever reduces driver fatigue
      -A panoramic windscreen allows for better line of sight, and the cabin boasts of ample storage space, efficient HVAC, and an essential feature in driver wellness – a music system
      -The smartly designed instrument cluster offers features like fuel economy indicator, ideal gearshift indicator, water in-fuel Indicator, etc.
      -The vehicle also provides for the fitment of various additional accessories,such as a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker
      -The clear lens headlamps, LED integrated tail lamps offer superior visibility

      The Ultra Ex 1918.T heavy load truck meets Europe’s top safety norms and is equipped with
      -A full air-brake system, ABS and power steering that facilitates improved driver control and precision.
      -Front, roof and rear-wall crash impacts test-clearances
      -Superior(NVH) Noise, Vibration and Harshness withstanding insulation

      The Tata Ultra Ex 1918.T heavy truck – A versatile long-haul workhorse, designed to keep cargo truck industry and markets on the move.

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