How to Maintain Heavy and Medium Trucks

How to Maintain Heavy and Medium Trucks

Tata Motors | Aug 5, 2019 5:43 pm
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We have stepped into an era where day to day operations are almost completely mechanized and digitized. From handcarts to vans, from vans to trucks and from trucks to trailers and tippers, commercial vehicles have evolved drastically to manage different cargo size during transit, in and around different cities across the country. Considering trucks as hardworking versatile vehicles, it is essential for truck owners to care about the proper maintenance of their trucks and extend their lifespans.

Tata Motors has several ranges of heavy duty and medium duty trucks supporting various business applications efficiently. Tata Signa range, Tata Prima models, Tata LPT trucks, tippers and tractors are some popular heavy and medium duty trucks running successfully in India.

Maintenance of Heavy and Medium Duty Trucks

Below are some maintenance and repair tips to improve the life of heavy duty trucks

Tyres: Checking of tyres regularly is very critical as the movement of loaded vehicle depends on the durability of tyres, running on different road surfaces. Mileage too stays better with optimal tyre pressure. Replace worn out tyres with well inflated tyres filed with the right air pressure.

Timely Replacement of Parts: To avoid costly repairs, it is advisable to keep getting regular checkups and replace parts as required.

Regularly check up on Oils and Fluids: For efficient performance, keep the Tata truck engine lubricated with essential oils and cooled with a quality Coolant. Don’t just keep diluting coolant with water or topping it up with a bit each time. Do a complete coolant change once in a few months. The truck will perform much better.

Braking-System: Leaving the brakes uninspected can be risky. Life on the road means you have to be extra cautious about wear and tear of the smallest of motor parts. Smooth functionality of the braking systems ensures safety for the drivers and also the loaded cargo. Inspect your truck brakes also while changing the oil.

Trucks are strong machines that can be quite expensive to maintain if handled wrongly. Hence, always rely on a well-trained mechanics to handle your sturdy commercial assets.


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