Introducing Hill Start Assist (HSA) Technology in the Range of Construck Tippers

Introducing Hill Start Assist (HSA) Technology in the Range of Construck Tippers

Tata Motors | Nov 15, 2021 2:27 pm
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India’s transformation is heavily reliant on its infrastructure, financial markets, mining, agriculture, industries, and most importantly, hardworking citizens. For these sectors, many challenges arise such as productivity demands, rising fuel prices and competition. There is a continuous need for products that deliver higher uptime, high productivity and lower cost of ownership. That’s where we, Tata Motors, have built our success.

The Tata Motors Construck Range

The range of Tipper Trucks by Tata Motors, the Construck Range, has proven to be ahead of the curve in anticipating industry needs with innovative vehicles and outstanding features. This has made them the firm preferred choice, along with being high performers at a low operating cost. Those in the business of transporting construction aggregate, soil, coal, ore, mining overburden, stones, boulders and many other such materials, can rely on Construck Tippers to meet their growth potential with class-leading features that ensure enhanced drivability, comfort and at the same time ensure lower costs with enhanced safety.

Hill Start Assist Technology

One of the biggest challenges faced by sectors that use Tipper Trucks, is the availability of skilled drivers. This makes it difficult in dense traffic conditions that need the vehicle to stop on uphill slopes, often causing it to roll back resulting in accidents. In such moments, drivers have a tendency for harsh acceleration and partial clutch engagement to negate the rollback which leads to clutch damage, tyre wear and a lower fuel economy. This adds to high repair and maintenance costs, besides the loss of productivity due to the incident.

Hill Start Assist (HSA) is a revolutionary feature in Tippers that keeps the trucks performing as needed in uphill conditions, for both on-road and off-road applications. This intelligent feature momentarily holds the truck in its place once the brake pedal is released, thereby allowing the driver to safely overcome the incline by gradually pressing the accelerator. This ensures enhanced uphill drivability and safer operations.

HSA can be employed by just pressing a switch on the dashboard. It has been designed for minimising wear-and-tear during braking, thereby prolonging clutch and tyre life which in turn lowers the maintenance cost of the Tipper. By preventing rollback, it not only ensures safety of the driver but also ensures higher uptime and curbs repair costs.

With Tata Motors and the Construck Range, businesses can run to their full potential, maximising productivity and profitability.

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