No challenge too hard!

No challenge too hard!

Tata Motors | Jul 8, 2019 2:23 pm
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A crusher company in Hyderabad added 10 Tata Prima LX 3130.K Scoop Tipper truck to their fleet. The business owner wanted a powerful truck with high Gradeability and capability of ascending hilly terrains with ease.

The Tata Prima LX 3130. K Scoop hyva Tipper comes with many sophisticated features that make it suitable for applications on difficult roads and terrains.

New generation brakes and ABS for off-road applications on crusher sites, a Primary Hub Reduction Axle, best-in-class gradeability of 66% at crawler, and the 11X20 18 PR Mining Tyres all make it a high performer as a highway truck on challenging terrain.

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