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How Tata LPK 2518 has an impressive range of Unbeatable performance?

Tata Motors | Feb 18, 2019 3:22 pm
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In a shining example of how a relationship with Tata Motors is one that we will nurture forever, one of our major customers in crusher applications, who already had a fleet of more than 75 tippers in Mumbai, purchased 10 units of the TATA LPK 2518 for his blue metal aggregate business. Having has a great experience with his huge fleet of tippers from Tata Motors in the past, he was thoroughly impressed by the wide range of new variants with different chassis & box options, and decided to continue his association with us.

The LPK 2518 comes with a world class Tata Cummins engine of 180 HP that delivers 700Nm torque @ 1500 rpm. Tata trusted gearboxes with options of 6 speed provide for higher fuel efficiency & 9 speeds for difficult road conditions.

The TATA LPK 2518 comes in 6 variants - LPK 2518 6S 14Cum Box, LPK 2518 6S 20Cum Box(48 WB), LPK 2518 9S 16Cum Box, LPK 2518 9S HD 14Cum Box, LPK 2518 9S HD 16Cum Box and LPK 2518 6S Ultimaax 16Cum Box. The range is most often used in applications such as Aggregate movement, Blue metal Transportation, Coal movement and Mineral Ore Movement.

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