Tata Prima LX Commercial Trucks

Tata Prima: An Effortless Workhorse

Tata Motors | Jan 31, 2019 2:31 pm
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The Indian transportation sector has developed immensely with the production of small and heavy commercial vehicles; bringing a tremendous overhaul to the services industry.

The Tata Prima is a new generation smart heavy and medium truck and a perfect choice for loading and unloading of heavy goods and materials. Being a contemporary heavy truck model, it reflects the highest new standards of design and quality.

Indeed an effortless workhorse, Tata Prima is best suited for all terrains and has many competitive advantages over other trucks from the heavy commercial vehicle category. Better power, fuel efficiency and superior performance aside, the Prima also offers unmatched turnaround times.

Tata Prima - effortless power coupled with good looks

High Performance Engine: A high-powered engine cranks out 296HP of power @2500rpm, and 1100Nm Torque @ 1200-1700rpm that results in enhanced speed and pull on hilly terrains – even with heavy loads. Tata Prima trucks boast of faster distance coverage compared to other heavy trucks.

Load Carrying Capacity: Sturdy by design, Tata Prima trucks have a mammoth loading capacity of up to 40 tonnes; ideal for heavy duty shipments. Their inbuilt Tata RA109 rear-axle supports the truck in carrying bulky cargo on all kinds of terrain.

Superior Suspension: A highly advanced front parabolic leaf spring, and semi elliptical multi leaf spring suspension in the rear protect the vehicle from any kind of road condition and ensure safety of cargo.

Striking good looks: Modelled along the best international standard truck features, the Tata Prima cuts an imposing figure on the highway. Its sleek muscular build and range of attractive colours ensures that it can boost the image of any fleet.

With combined technical expertise from South Korea, USA and Italy, the Tata Prima is a truly internationally transporter on Indian roads today.

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