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Tata Prima: India’s New Age Trucking

Tata Motors | Jan 31, 2019 2:32 pm
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Witnessing the need for transformation in the heavy commercial vehicle category, Tata Motors introduced the Prima range of trucks. These are assembled new age trucks in India engineered with high-end automated support from other countries like South Korea, USA, Italy and Mexico. It is an award winning creation from Tata Motors showcasing inspiring designs of the finest trailer truck globally.

Why is Tata Prima considered to be India's Best New Age Truck?

Faster Running: The powerful engine equipped with Cummins ISBe 6.7 BS4, emits high power giving better speed and quick delivery of shipments, irrespective of the terrain type. The Aerodynamic designminimizes friction with the air at a high speed.

Driver Comfort: Tata prima is built with luxuries giving a great sense of relaxation to the driver. Air-conditioned sleeper cabin with a comfortable bed, sufficient storage compartments, led display dashboard and roof lamp fittings inside ensures driver comfort during a long distance journey. Also, the adjustable driving seat with hydraulic provides an easy driving posture.

Safety Measures: Bigger rear mirrors and wide screen provides clear visibility to the driver. The in-built GPS display helps in navigating long distance routes.

Low Maintenance: The superior Tata Prima truck is equipped with automated sensors on the engine that brings out faulty driving practices and ensures longevity of the truck, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance.

Higher profitability: The journey to greater profitability begins with Tata Prima. Giving the best of comfort and features, Tata Prima covers longer distances in a decent time duration resulting in timely deliveries and increased earnings.

Tata Prima is available in multiple truck models inclusive of Tata Prima Lx 5530.S, Prima Lx 4625.S, Prima Lx 3125.K, Prima Lx 3130.K, Prima Lx 2525.K, Prima Lx 2823.TK and Prima 2530.K. Priced competitively, this heavy duty truck is truly a value for money product brought to India by Tata Motors.

Being a globally acclaimed heavy duty truck, Tata Prima excels in tough transport operations and proves to be the best choice for acquiring commercial success via roadways.

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