The Power-Packed Portfolio - Tata Motors’ MHCV Trucks

The Power-Packed Portfolio – Tata Motors’ MHCV Trucks

Tata Motors | Jul 26, 2021 2:24 pm
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When the Government of India announced its intention to have the auto-industry transition to BS6 from April 2020, Tata Motors used it as an opportunity to not only migrate to the stricter emission norms, but to truly upgrade the entire product portfolio and out-match customers’ requirements by setting new benchmarks for performance, operating efficiency, comfort, and safety.

Recognising the evolving demands of vehicles catering to heavy haulage, construction and infrastructure, whose business-owners wish to complete large projects ahead of time, Tata Motors developed a range of products and solutions that are purpose-built for the cargo and Construck segments.

Our extensive range of MHCVs spans Rigid Trucks, Tractor-Trailers, and Tata Tippers. They cater to diverse applications, such as e.g. cargo-market loads, agriculture, cement, iron & steel, container, vehicle carrier, petroleum, chemical, water tankers, LPG, FMCG, parcels, white goods, ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) perishables, construction, mining, and municipal applications (with options of load bodies, tankers, bulkers and trailers)

Across all these, we have BS6 variants, many featuring a choice (based on application requirements) of three powerful engines, with 6 different power modes, and best-in-class torque in every segment – 850 Nm / 950 Nm / 1100 Nm. This means you can choose the right product configuration that delivers higher power-to-weight ratio and higher payload delivery specific to your needs – allowing you to take control of operating costs, over the lifetime of your vehicle. Our BS6 trucks also feature flatter torque, an optimised drivetrain, a truck Hub Unit*, Fuel Economy Switch*, Gear Shift Advisor* and an Aero-Kit provision**

Driver productivity is the key element in maintain the cycle of longer trips in the shortest duration of time, leading to higher revenue, which in turn propels growth in your business. We boost driver comfort with our superior and stylish dashboard offering easy accessibility of controls, plush interior aesthetics, tilt & telescopic steering, 3-way adjustable driver seats, air-conditioning, Reverse Parking Assistance system*, twin port high speed USB charging, and much more.

Not only has the BS6 range been configured with high performance engines, heavy duty aggregates, comfortable cabins, load bodies and other value-enhancing features, but we also carry an extensive portfolio of fully built vehicles to suit your business needs.

All Tata Motors BS6 vehicles are enabled with new generation telematics which capture real-time data about vehicle performance and ensure accurate decision-making and results. You can monitor fuel-consumption, engine idling, route-tracking and reckless driving. Additionally, we also offer fuel-theft alerts and geo-fencing – all these features combine to enhance fleet utilisation, vehicle productivity and reduce vehicle operation expenses.

Through Tata Motors’ Sampoorna Seva, we address all service needs under one roof – warranty, maintenance, spares, repairs, resale, vehicle tracking/monitoring, loyalty rewards and drivers’ accident insurance. Driver welfare is taken care of through the Tata Samarth initiative. Customised Annual Maintenance Contracts and Fleet Management solutions ensure higher uptime and higher productivity, at lower costs.

In short, our BS6 MHCV range brings about eco-sustainability, but without sacrificing power and performance - making them an attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) proposition for customers over the lifetime of their Tata vehicles.

*on select models. TCs apply.

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