What are the Features and Specifications of Tata Ultra 2821.T?

What are the Features and Specifications of Tata Ultra 2821.T?

Tata Motors | Aug 5, 2021 10:46 am
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Tata Motors boasts one of the most comprehensive and successful commercial vehicle fleets in India, the most trustworthy name that always delivers on consumers' needs across a variety of applications, in a way that increases revenue generation possibilities in multiple ways.

One such truck is the Tata Ultra 2821.T, with best-in-class features and specifications that make it modern, efficient and superior, ushering in a new era of Smart Trucking in the segment, across comfort, convenience and performance, backed by the Power of 6.


  • BS6 compliant Tata 5L Turbotronn engine that is highly fuel-efficient, with maximum power of 147 kW @2200 rpm and maximum torque of 850 Nm @ 1000-1600 r/min.
  • The clutch system is a 380 mm Dia Push type Single Plate Dry Friction type, with Organic Lining for a longer lifespan.
  • Transmission is the TATA G750 6 Forward + 1 Reverse 8.45 FGR, a convenient drive
  • The Front Axle is a TATA Extra Heavy Duty 7T Reverse Elliot Type with Rear Axle TATA Single Reduction RA110LD with 4.88 RAR.
  • Built on a Ladder Type heavy duty frame, with an Ultra Sleeper Cabin, and Deck Length Options of 7315 mm and 9754 mm.
  • Sturdy 295/90R20 Radial Tube Tyres, with 5505 mm or 6750 mm wheelbase options
  • Fuel Tank of 700 litres and 450 litres depending on vehicle variant, both with the Anti Fuel Theft feature.


  • Twin Fuel Tanks: Large capacity tanks for uninterrupted journeys and fewer refills.
  • Electronic Anti Fuel Theft: The truck comes with a telematics enabled fuel theft monitoring system that helps in saving fuel and lowering expenses.
  • 3-Mode Fuel Economy Switch: Prompting the driver towards efficient fuel management, across various loads and terrains.
  • Low Rolling Resistance Tyres: Offering longer tyre mileage and greater fuel economy.
  • New Generation Instrument Cluster: Enhanced connectivity and convenience, with advanced driver information, new diagnostics and driver prompts and future package protection.
  • 380 Diameter Organic Clutch TATA G750 6F+1R: Organic lining for a longer life, longer service intervals, with superior performance thanks to the higher capacity G750 and optimally spaced gear ratios for excellent fuel efficiency and torque at wheel at all operating speeds.

The Tata Ultra 2821.T comes with plenty of beneficial features that make it a smooth and comfortable ride as well as economic and profitable investment.

There are many more advantageous features and specifications of the Tata Ultra 2821.T, designed to be hassle-free and bring you the most profitability, available in both Signa and Cowl options across 4 deck lengths with ARAI certified fully built solutions.

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