What is the Loading Capacity of Tractor Trucks?

What is the Loading Capacity of Tractor Trucks?

Tata Motors | Aug 5, 2021 10:31 am
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Designed with the philosophy of the "Power of 6", every Tata Motors Trucks is uniquely built to deliver enhanced performance with maximum profitability.

Tata Tractors are available in GCW (Gross combination weight) ranging from 30-tonne to 55-tonne with state of the art design elements, fuel efficient technology, and world-class safety features making them the top choice for all our transportation needs.


The Tata Ultra 3021.S is a new-age tractor with a strong and sleek build designed to optimise performance with maximum cost efficiency. Some exciting design elements include the ultra-load body with an optimised panel, a 7.5 ft internal width, and ample storage area. With a loading capacity of 14250 Kg, this model is perfectly suited for a multitude of e-commerce and auto logistics businesses.

TATA SIGNA 4018.S & LPS 4018 Cowl

This high-performing tractor is top-rated in its segment. It has a loading capacity of 24580 Kg and is ideal for the Port Movement, Steel, Industrial Goods, auto logistics cement etc. It is also equipped and upgraded with new safety features such as a higher service brake life and fuel theft monitoring.


The Tata Signa 4625.S is the epitome of the modern tractor. Powered by the Cummins ISBe 6.7 L engine, it comes with enhanced features like low-rolling resistance tyres which offers a great tyre mileage and ensures a higher rate of fuel economy. With a GCW of 45,500 Kg, it can be used to transport heavy duty goods.


With a gross weight of 45,500 Kg, the Tata Prima 4625.S can carry a variety of goods. It comes with supreme build quality and multiple value features like a twin fuel tank which is ideal for a long haulage and tilt & telescopic steering, comfortable seats which makes it extremely convenient to drive.


The Tata Signa 5525.S is the country’s first 4X2 tractor and is one of the highest gross weight carriers in its segment. It is highly versatile and suitable for multiple GCW configuration from 51T to 55T and it is equipped to carry a heavy load of cargo even in the most challenging terrain.


This massive tractor defines the “new-generation trucking” experience. It has the ideal power-to-weight ratio which enables heightened performance and maximum productivity. It has a GCW of 55,000 Kg, and it is best suited for the transport of construction aggregates, coal, cement, steel, and agri good.


One of the most powerful tractors in its category, Tata Prima 5530.S comes equipped with a powerful engine that delivers 300 HP AND 1100 Nm torque. Its comfortable interiors with an ergonomic dashboard, efficient noise insulation, and adequate storage guarantee a delightful in-cabin experience. It has a GCW of 55000 Kg, and is suitable for long haul transportation.

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