Why Tata Prima is the India’s Most favorite choice of Tata Prima Heavy duty Trucks?

Why Tata Prima is the India’s Most favorite choice of Tata Prima Heavy duty Trucks?

Tata Motors | Aug 5, 2019 6:06 pm
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The Prima range of tractors and tippers are an indispensable asset for handling larger capacities and bringing about a revolution in the heavy trucks segment. It was a combined effort by Tata Motors and technology from USA, Europe, Germany, Mexico, Japan and Korea, that led to the creation of this award winning group of commercial vehicles in India.

Tata Prima trucks include multi axle range of tippers, tractors, and special applications vehicles. TATA PRIMA LX 5530.S, PRIMA LX 4623.S, TATA PRIMA LX 3125.K, TATA PRIMA LX 3130.K, TATA PRIMA 2530.K are a few of the heavy models that feature the Prima’s signature range of high performance engines, best in-class grade-ability, efficient power transmission and comfortable driver’s cabins with AC.

Prima 1 266x177 Prima 2 266x177

Prima Heavy Duty Trucks with Multi-Industry Support

Every industry requires different kinds of trucks, and Tata Motors doesn’t disappoint in this department. The Prima range features a healthy mix of Prime movers and tippers for construction and mining industry. Other field of work where these heavy duty vehicles powerfully perform in hauling Over dimensional cargo, Steel Coils, Cement, Agricultural products, metal, textiles, and more.

On the safety front, there is driver’s information display and telematics as well. The braking system has air brakes, along with anti-lock braking system. The heavy duty axles are designed for better tyre life resulting in easy driving, higher fuel efficiency, increased output and load capacity.

Prima trucks in India cost between 36 lakhs to 48 lakhs. For an exact costing of specific Prima truck models, send your enquires via Tata Motors website.

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