Tata Prima Trailer Truck

Why Tata Prima is the new best Trailer heavy Truck?

Tata Motors | Jan 31, 2019 2:32 pm
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The Tata Prima range has won itself various heavy commercial vehicle awards for bringing a refreshing change in the heavy commercial category.

Built with superior combinations of technological inputs from around the world, the Tata Prima has brought world class performance to Indian transportation – with all the reliability and trust of the Tata brand. Variants under the Tata Prima range include Tractor - trailers and tippers.

The range is designed with Italian cab design inputs, engineered in USA and Europe, its gearbox expertise from Germany, the chassis frame design from Mexico, sheet metal dies from Japan and Korea, and finally is combined with Swedish precision on a robotic weld line.

Tata Prima – quite possibly the Best Trailer Truck on Indian roads today

• BSIV compliant engine curbing the emission of air pollutants in the environment

• RA 110 and RA 109 SRT-drive axle submits a faster turnaround torque and is proven ideal for journeys on highway.

• With a gearbox of G1150 OD the vehicle runs at a greater speed and keeps good control and tune to deliver best mileage

• For driver's comfort, the Prima trucks include an AC cabin with resting seats and an adjustable steering wheel. Bigger rear view mirrors and wide screen provides clear visibility.

The Tata Prima range of strong and durable trucks are well-equipped with automated sensors on the engine that help in viewing faulty driving practices; ensuring longevity of the trucks and reducing the cost of maintenance.

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