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Tata Ecommerce Container

FeaturesTata Ecommerce Container

High Strength Light Weight 5% more payload

high strength

High quality surface treatment and paint system ensures longer body life

high quality

Leak proof body ensures 100% material safety

leak proof

Chassis + Body integration ensures better tyre life and fuel economy


More payload gives more revenue generation capacity

more payload

OEM assured Body warranty - 12 months

oem assured

CMVR compliant assures no enroute penalties

cmvr compliant

Material safety ensures peace of mind

material safety

Anti Water accumulation Roof design

anti water

Side Look Down Mirror

side look

Wind Deflector

Wind Deflector

Rear View Mirror

rear view

Foot Step

foot step

Grab Handle


Sliding Window


Ladder provided at side

ladder provided





Weather Resistant Rubber beading for Door lock

weather resistant

Height marker


Rubber Beading

rubber beading

Side Indicator

side indicator

Wiper Blade

wiper blade

FRP Dash board/Fuse box cover

FRP Dash board

Carpet pasted inside roof Doom area

carpet pasted

Reclining seat fitted in cabin

reclining seat

Floor Mat provided in both side Driver/Co driver side on floor

floor mat

FRP type Document holder box

frp type

Driver door with steel grip

driver door

First Aid box provided

first aid

Movable quarter RH/LH fitted in cabin

movable quarter

Rexene provided on the Roof

rexene provided

Specialised tool box

specialised tool

Sleeper compartment chain


Front ladder on LH side and RH side


Hooks Provided at top & bottom


Rear door damage protection guard

rear door

Step Down Provided for easy of drainage of water

step down

Wire mesh provided on Side markers

wire mesh