Tata Motors, as the pioneer in the Indian transportation industry, has always anticipated and fulfilled every need of the customer’s business.

In the BS6 era, we offer complete mobility solutions for businesses to sustainably maximise profits. Every vehicle has been upgraded - from Bumper to Bumper - to grow your business. Every aspect of the new BS6 range is designed to take your business to greater heights, and it is aptly termed - POWER OF 6.

High performance commercial vehicles are the backbone of India’s economic growth. Tata Motors BS6 range features three powerful BS6 engines with 6 different power nodes, that ensure the right product configuration for each specific applications and ensure higher power to weight ratio and higher payload delivery. The combination of the technologically advanced powertrain and market-proven aggregates empowers your business to generate higher revenues.

  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Enhanced driveability
  • Higher uptime
  • Higher Productivity

With the POWER OF ENHANCED PERFORMANCE, Tata Motors BS6 range can take your business forward on the Highway to Progress!

3 POWERFUL BS6 engines

Enhanced Performance with 3 POWERFUL BS6 engines delivering higher Torque @ wheel

  • Cummins ISBe 6.7 l Engine - Highest selling engine in the world
  • Globally more than 10 Lakh Euro 6/equivalent Cummins engines running successfully
  • More than 3.5 Lakh SCR Cummins engines performing successfully in India
  • More than 15,000 TURBOTRONN Fuel efficient engines performing successfully in India
    • Cummins ISBe  6
    • Cummins ISBe 6.7 l
    • 186 kW / 225 kw
    • 950 Nm / 1100 Nm
    • Cummins ISBe 5
    • Cummins ISBe 5.6 l
    • 132 kW/ 164 kW
    • 850 Nm
    • Tata 5L Turbotronn
    • 132 kW/153 kW
    • 700 Nm / 850 Nm
  • Higher Power to weight Ratio platfoms
  • 3 Powerful BS6 engines with 6 Power Nodes
  • Best in class Torque in every segment 850 Nm / 950 Nm / 1100 Nm
  • High Torque @ low rpm, Flat torque from 1000-1800 r/min*

*on select models. TC apply.

  • Superior  BS6 Technology
  • Superior
    BS6 Technology
  • Higher Power To Weight  Ratio Platforms
  • Higher Power to Weight
    Ratio Platforms
  • Powerful  Reliable Engines
  • Powerful
    Reliable Engines
  • Heavy Duty Drivetrain
  • Heavy - Duty

Higher Profit


  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Improved TAT
  • Enhanced Drivability
  • Higher Revenue Generation
  • Wide Range Of Comfortable Cabins
  • Wide range of
    Comfortable CABINs
  • 20 New Value Features
  • 20+ new
    Value features
  • Tata Connected Vehicles
  • Quiet Cabins
    with lower NVH Levels
  • Superior  BS6 Technology
  • TATA Connected

Your business thrives on a positive balance sheet and it is our endeavour to support you through efficient products with a low cost of operation.

Our wide range of Fuel efficient BS6 Engines and proven aggregates are configured into products based on application requirements. Technologically advanced and New Generation Features complement these configurations to create superior products that reduce the total cost of operation of our vehicles.

  • Higher Fluid Economy
  • Higher Reliability and uptime
  • Lower maintenance costs

Thereby, with the POWER OF LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP, our products ensure lower vehicle expenses and sustainable business growth with higher revenues.

Enhanced Fluid Economy*

    • Flat Torque
    • Flat Torque
    • High Torque @ low r/min,
    • Flat torque from 1000-
    • 1800r/min, ensures
    • lesser gear shift
    • Optimised DRIVETRAIN
    • Optimised DRIVETRAIN
    • Application specific
    • Optimised DRIVE train
    • Truck Hub Unit
    • Truck Hub Unit*
    • Lower rolling resistance
    • of efficiency
    • Fuel Economy Switch
    • Fuel Economy Switch
    • Multi mode Fuel
    • Economy Switch*
    • Gear Shift Advisor
    • Gear Shift Advisor*
    • Gear Shift Advisor* to
    • guide drivers
    • Aero Kit Provision
    • Aero Kit Provision**
    • Air deflection for large
    • Cargo bodies to
    • overcome wind resistance

*on select models. TC apply.


  • Upgraded DRIVETRAIN
  • Upgraded DRIVETRAIN
  • Stronger Straight Frame
  • Stronger Straight Frame

Higher Profit

Higher level aggregates used across all models includes

  • More powerful engines, larger clutch, more rugged heavy duty gear box and axles, robust straight Frame
  • Enhanced reliability and uptime
  • Lower maintenance cost

Powerful Engines

  • Cummins  ISBe 6 Cummins ISBe 6.7 l
  • Cummins  ISBe 5 Cummins ISBe 5.6 l
  • Tata 5L Turbotronn TATA 5 l TURBOTRON

Larger Clutch Size

  • 430 MM 430 mm
  • 430 MM 395 mm
  • 430 MM 380 mm

Heavy Duty Gear Box

  • G1150 9 Speed G1150 9 Speed
  • G950 6 Speed G950 6 Speed
  • G750  6Speed G750 6 Speed

Heavy Duty Axles

  • RA109RX SRT Axle
  • Front Axle Front axle
  • HRT Axle HRT Axle


    • Engine Brake
    • Engine Brake*
    • For longer service breaking
    • life & higher downhill
    • control capability
    • Longer Oil Drain Intervals
    • Longer Oil Drain Intervals*
    • Up to 25% Enhanced Oil
    • drain interval in
    • TURBOTRONN Engine
    • Hss Body Tilt Switch
    • HSS Body & Tilt Switch*
    • Tilt switch in load body
    • of Fully built
    • 42 ton and
    • 48 ton tippers
    • Truck Hub Unit
    • Truck Hub Unit*
    • Relief from Hub greasing,
    • reduced Service cost and
    • higher uptime
    • New ICGT Brakes
    • New iCGT Brakes*
    • Improved Current
    • Generation Truck/Tipper
    • brakes for 40% increase in
    • Liner & Drum life
    • Front Rubber Suspension
    • Front Rubber suspension*
    • Front Rubber bush
    • suspension for lower maintenance
    • cost and higher comfort

It's simple - longer trips in the shortest duration of time - this generates higher revenue that propels growth in your business. Driver productivity is the key element for this, and customers across sectors are increasingly seeking better driver comfort to increase productivity. The 3 varied cabin options offered on our BS6 products ensure that the drivers feel safe and comfortable while driving our vehicles for longer hours. Along with superior cabin options, our vehicles have many unique comfort and convenience features which ensure increased business revenue in the following areas:

  • Higher vehicle productivity
  • Higher fleet utilisation and lower idle time
  • Lower accident and repair costs
  • Higher driver retention

The POWER OF COMFORT & CONVENIENCE improves driver productivity and safety, reduces costs and enhances revenue.

Redefine COMFORT with

    • Premium Tough Prima Cabins
    • Premium & Tough
    • PRIMA Cabins
    • World
    • World Class
    • ULTRA Cabins
    • Modern
    • Modern & Spacious
    • SIGNA Cabins


Ultra Cabin in Rigid MAV, MCV Trucks and 30T Tractors. Signa & Prima Cabins in Rigid Trucks & Tractors.


The complete Tipper range is now upgraded to Comfortable Signa & Prima Cabins

Superior & stylish Dashboard with easy accessibility of controls

    • Dashboard 1
    • Premium & Tough
    • PRIMA Cabins
    • Dashboard 2
    • World Class
    • ULTRA Cabins
    • Dashboard 3
    • Modern & Spacious
    • SIGNA Cabins

Superior & stylish Dashboard with
easy accessibility of controls

  • Cup Holder Cup holder
    and utility space
    (In Ultra)
  • Glove Box Glove box with
    larger storage
  • Head Box Head Box for

Premium Interior aesthetics

    • Premium 1
    • Premium & Tough
    • PRIMA Cabins
    • Premium 2
    • World Class
    • ULTRA Cabins
    • Premium 3
    • Modern & Spacious
    • SIGNA Cabins

Tilt & Telescopic Steering
3-way Adjustable Driver seats

  • Steering 1 3-way Adjustable
    Mechanically suspended
    Driver seats
  • Steering 2 Tilt & Telescopic

Comfort, Convenience & Safety features

    • Hill Start Aid
    • Hill Start Aid*
    • Chado har Chadhaav,
    • BEFIKAR!
    • Powerful AC
    • Powerful AC*
    • Reverse Parking
    • Reverse Parking
    • Assistance System*
    • Twin Port High
    • Twin Port High
    • Speed USB Charger
    • Vertical EXhaust
    • Vertical Exhaust*
    • Dust FREE Sites
    • HD Polymer
    • HD Polymer
    • Twin Fuel Tank*
    • New Intelligent
    • New Intelligent
    • Instrument Cluster
    • LED Tail Lights
    • LED Tail lights
    • For Higher Night Visibility

*on select models. TC apply.

Every business and application has its own requirements and choosing the best-suited vehicle is the first step towards success. You can now choose from a wide range of Fully Built Vehicle options best suited for their applications. The range has been configured with high performance engines, heavy duty aggregates, comfortable cabins, load bodies and value enhancing feature options to maximise productivity and ensure higher profit for your business.

With the POWER OF CHOICE, you can enjoy the freedom and power to select the right vehicle to meet your business requirements and enhance profits.

    • Cummins ISBe  6
    • Cummins ISBe 6.7 l
    • 186 kW / 225 kw
    • 950 Nm / 1100 Nm
    • Cummins ISBe 5
    • Cummins ISBe 5.6 l
    • 132 kW/ 164kW
    • 850 Nm
    • Tata 5L Turbotronn
    • 132 kW/153 kW
    • 700 Nm / 850 Nm

Optimised Drivetrains for your Application

Choose Optimised Drivetrain

    • Steel Coil
    • Steel Coil
    • Cement
    • Cement
    • E Com
    • E-Com.
    • Tanker
    • Tanker
    • Reefer
    • Reefer
    • Auto Logistic
    • Auto Logistic
    • Agri
    • Agri
    • White Goods
    • White Goods
    • Road Work
    • Road Work
    • Mines
    • Mines
    • Irrigation
    • Irrigation
    • Aggregate
    • Aggregate
    • Coal
    • Coal
    • Sand
    • Sand
    • Iron Ore
    • Iron Ore

Choice of wide range of Fully built vehicles Range
One stop solution for every need

Choice Of Wide Range

Skeletal Trailer | Flat Bed Trailer | Semi Low Bed Trailer | Side Wall Trailer
Tip Trailer | Car Carrier | Reefer | Dry Contailer | Load Body | Bulkar | FBV RMC | Tippers

FBV Advantages

  • OEM offered ready to use fully built Solutions
  • Best in class standards with strong & sturdy built applications
  • OEM assured body warranty for 12 months
  • Premium paint quality for longer body life
  • Better tyre life & fuel economy leading to higher profits

In these changing times, customers require greater control on their vehicles to enhance business results. This is a necessity for contractual orders too. All Tata Motors BS6 vehicles are enabled with New Generation Telematics which capture real time data about vehicle performance and ensures accurate decision making and enhanced business results.

The POWER OF CONNECTIVITY ensures real time data generation and tracking of your vehicles and enables maximisation of fleet utilisation, vehicle productivity and reduction in vehicle operation expenses.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Real time fuel consumption view

and analysis for fleet owners

Engine Idling Monitoring

Engine Idling

Engine Idling Monitoring

Minimising engine idling

can lead to significant

savings in fuel costs.

Electronic Anti Fuel Theft


Get alerts on fuel theft

and monitor remotely

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Real Time

Complete security and

guaranteed safety

of consignments through

LIVE online tracking


Geo Fencing

Notifies you whenever your

vehicle moves out of authorised areas

Reckless Driving Alerts

Harsh Braking

Harsh-Braking / Acceleration

/ Cornering and Over Speeding

alerts - Secure your vehicle

and your valuable cargo against

accidents,decrease maintenance costs.

You can now focus solely on business growth, while our suite of services takes care of your fleet and vehicle needs in entirety.

Through Tata Motors Sampoorna Seva, we address all needs under one roof - warranty, maintenance, spares, repairs, resale, vehicle tracking and monitoring, loyalty rewards and driver accident insurance. Driver welfare is taken care of through the Tata Samarth initiative.

Customised annual maintenance contract and fleet management solution higher uptime and higher productivity at lower costs.

Through these initiatives, you can continue running your business with Total Peace of Mind.

Sampoorna SEVA

Sampoorna Seava

Widest Service Network

    • India
    • Service Points
    • Trained Mechanics
    • Service
    • Service @ Site
    • ONSITE
    • Tata Genuine Parts
    • Tata Genuine Parts
    • in every location
    • Best In Class
    • Best-in-class
    • Resale Value*

Best-in-industry Service Response Reach Time

    • Best in Industry
    • 6 am-10 pm : < 2 Hrs* reach time
    • 10 pm-6 am : < 4 Hrs* reach time
    • Service resolution assurance < 24 Hrs*

TATA Kavach

    • Tata Kavach
    • Assured Accidental
    • repairs within 15 days*
    • Power Of 6
    • 6Y/6L/6K*
    • Driveline Warranty
    • Tata Samarth
    • Surakshit SAMARTH

Trust of TATA

Trust Of TATA

    • Sureaksha
    • You focus on your CORE BUSINESS and leave Fleet maintenance to TATA Motors Experts
    • Our customised service offerings gives SURAKSHA to your business and ‘Total Peace of Mind’ to you
    • To suit your business needs and applications, we have various customised offerings – FMS, AMC

Customised AMC Offerings

      ONSITE / MSW
    • Comprehensive
    • coverage
    • Onsite / MSW
    • Comprehensive
    • Coverage in
    • all India TML service
    • workshops
    • GOLD
    • Schedule Services
    • (Parts + Labour) +
    • All Labour included
    • 24/7
    • AMC customers' dedicated helpline
    • PLATINUM AMC 1800 209 8188
    • Other AMC 1800 258 2589

Fleet Management Solution (FMS)

  • Scheduled & maintenance services management
  • Breakdown/Highway support
  • Vehicle tracking & monitoring
  • Onsite support (Optional)
  • Tyre lifecycle management
  • DEF management (Optional)