TATA LPT 3125 Cowl & SIGNA 3125.T BS6 TATA LPT 3125 Cowl & SIGNA 3125.T BS6

OverviewTATA LPT 3125 COWL & SIGNA 3125.T BS6 Phase II

Tata Increased Axle Load Range White Colour

Introducing Tata Signa 3125.T - India's first 3-axle 6x2 (10 wheeler) rigid truck with 31 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

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TATA Signa 3125.T comes with with a 3,500kg* higher certified payload than the corresponding 10 wheeler 28-tonne GVW rigid truck.

With equivalent cost of operations, similar fuel, tyre and maintenance costs as a 28-tonne truck, this product is conceived to significantly enhance the net operating profit for its customers by ~45%* over a 28-tonne truck.

The incremental investment on the Signa 3125.T, over the corresponding 28-tonne truck, can be recovered in less than one year of operations, followed by years of incremental earnings.

Tata Signa 3125.T, with its 12.5-tonne dual tyre lift axle configuration, marks the value discovery of white space in M&HCV segment. It can operate at 31-tonne GVW with the lift axle down and at 18.5-tonne GVW with the lift axle up, offering a large band of operating payload for various application needs.

Operating with lift axle up is categorically beneficial for the tanker customers yielding higher fuel economy in empty returns. It is ideally suitable for all types of tanker applications – petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL), chemicals, bitumen, edible oil, milk and water, as well industrial good such as packed LPG cylinders, lubricants, agricultural products etc.

Signa 3125.T is certified by Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) for 25KL POL tanker, which is 2KL higher than the highest allowed capacity on a10-wheeler, 28-tonne GVW truck.

It is powered by a Cummins ISBe 5.6 CR 186 HP engine, with Cummins' own fuel injection system and innovative performance enablers like 3 Mode Fuel Economy Switch coupled with Gear Shift Advisor for drive coaching,

Signa/LPT 3125 is aptly engineered with a rugged, efficient and enhanced capacity driveline and a more robust chassis delivering best-in-segment loading capability, fuel economy and tyre mileage as well as unmatched torque at wheel and superior drivability.

Available in both Signa and Cowl options with 24-ft and 32 ft loading spans with ARAI certified fully built solutions, SIGNA/LPT 3125 comes with CX and LX variants equipped with world class value features designed to reduce TCO and enhance performance, ergonomics, convenience and safety and a comprehensive New Generation Connected Vehicle Solution delivers an unmatched value proposition in the heavy duty 10 wheeler rigid truck segment.

The smartly designed cabin space, improved ergonomics and NVH levels in the Signa range offer a superior in-cab experience. The cabins also come with AC options, enabling drivers to operate fatigue free over long hauls, leading to better productivity and trip efficiency.