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      Tata LPK 1615

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      FeaturesTata LPK 1615

      Fuel Efficiency: Fuel efficiency technologies for better fuel mileage

      fuel efficiency

      Better Gradeability: 30% Max. Climbing ability.

      max climbing

      Reliability: Reliable tipping system.

      reliable tipping

      Engine Reliability: Reliable Cummins Engine.

      reliable cummins engine

      Application Advantage: Options of Wheelbase and Length for Varied Applications.

      Tata LPK 1615 Wheel Base Options

      Gearbox: G600 Gearbox: Improved Gear Ratios for Better Mileage.

      Tata LPK 1615 Heavy Duty Gear Box

      Tyre Advantage: Radial Tyres

      radial tyres

      Turning and Movement: Low turning circle diameter

      low turning

      Brakes: Safe: Full S-Cam Air Brakes

      safe fulls sam