TATA SIGNA 2821.K TATA SIGNA 2821.K

      Signa 2821.K RMC STD 6S

      Experience the power of 6
      Experience the power of change

      Power Of 6

      Value featuresTata SIGNA 2821.K RMC STD 6S

      Value Features
      Value Features Benefits
      CX LX

      Electronic Anti Fuel Theft

      • Telematics enabled Fuel theft monitoring
      • Savings in undue fuel expenses
      • Lower cost of operations

      3 Mode Fuel Economy Switch

      • Load - Terrain - Speed based Fuel Economy management
      New Gen Telematics

      New Generation Telematics

      • Advanced Driver Information System | Self-Diagnostic signalling | Trip Mileage Indicator
      HDPE Fuel Tank

      HDPE Fuel Tank

      • 300L Lesser refills | Longer uninterrupted | Lesser chances of fuel theft
      • Impact resistant | Corrosion Resistant | Strong & reliable
      New Generation Instrument Cluster

      New Generation Instrument Cluster

      • Advanced Driver Information System | Self-Diagnostic signalling | Trip Mileage Indicator

      LED Tail Lamps

      • Lower power consumption | Longer durability
      Tilt and Telescopic Steering

      Tilt & Telescopic Steering

      • Adaptability to different driving habits and driver sizes
      • Higher driving convenience | Better steering comfort due to improved steer ratio
      Blind Spot Mirror

      Front Blind Spot Mirror

      • Enhances Safety. Reduces accidents.
      Forced Ventilation

      Forced Ventilation

      • Higher driving comfort | Superior ventilation
      Air Conditioning

      Air Conditioning

      • Superior, All weather driving comfort | Higher Productivity
      Air Conditioning

      2 high speed USB charging ports

      • Fast Mobile charging | Uninterrupted Connectivity
      Air Conditioning

      Vertical Exhaust

      • Dust free working sites | Higher Ground Clearance | Less Maintenance costs
      Air Conditioning

      iCGT brake

      • Enhanced brake life | Low chance of tyre burst due to heating| Less Maintenance costs
      signa cabin

      Comfortable Signa Cabin

      • Ergonomic Dashboard design with digital Instrument Cluster.
      • Easy accessibility of Controls Comfortable and Expedient Drivability.
      • Premium Interior aesthetics for superior in-cab driving experience.