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      Tata Signa 3718.TK

      Lightweight body, higher loading capacity

      FeaturesTata Signa 3718.TK

      Premium interior aesthetics for superior in-cab driving experience

      Tata Signa 3718.K Interior Seats

      Easy accessibility of controls comfy and expedient driveability


      Truck ventilation system with optional air-conditioning

      Tata Signa 3718.K Trucks Ventilation

      Electronic viscous fan

      electronic viscous

      Ergonomic dashboard design with advanced instrument cluster and Tell Tale Lamps

      ergonomic dashboard

      Wide and Comfortable sleeper berth with spacious berth box

      Tata Signa 3718 K Wide Seater

      Both Side grab handle and wider door angle or easy ingress/egress

      both side

      Clear lens wraparound head lamp for superior visibility

      Tata Signa 3718 Clear Head Lamp

      LH & RH aero corners for reduced aerodynamic drag and better fuel economy

      lh rh

      Single locking system for entire vehicle

      single locking

      Ergonomic steering wheel

      Tata Signa 3718 K Ergonomic Steering

      Magazine pocket and bottle holder

      Tata Signa 3718 Magazine Pocket Door

      Pendant type Accelerator and Clutch pedal for fatigueless driving

      Tata Signa 3718 K Trucks accelerator pedal

      Lowest step-in height with three step footstep and scuff plate

      Tata Signa 3718.K Lower Step

      Lockable glove box beneath co-driver seat

      Tata signa 3718 K Lockable Glove

      Side close proximity mirror normal rear view mirror wide angle rear view mirror

      side close

      3 Piece bumper, ease of reparability due to modular design.

      3 piece bumper

      Seats with Emergency Locking retractor (ELR)


      Seats with Emergency Locking retractor ( ELR) Seat belts, 3-way adjustable mechanically suspended seat for unmatched riding comfort, Deep Seat cushioning and extended body support for long, fatigueless driving, Cockpit type dual interiors

      seats with emergency

      Improved cabin suspension with Front


      Improved cabin suspension with Front Dampers and Rear Shock, Absorbers with Coil springs, Enhanced driving comfort with Transverse Cabin Shockers at rear, Best-in-class NVH Characteristics.

      Tata Signa 3718.K Trucks Suspension

      Factory fitted air-conditioning


      Factory fitted air-conditioning/blower options, Elegant control panel with ergonomically positioned switches, Fuel Economy Switch for load/gradient based mileage governance, power socket provision

      Tata Signa 3718 K trucks air conditioning