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Experience the power of 6
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Power Of 6



Say hello to the new TATA Signa 5530.S, enhanced with the Power of 6 — enhanced performance, lower operational costs, added comfort and convenience, advanced connectivity, increased choice and total peace of mind. This 4x2 tractor trailer is designed to deliver on the needs of heavy duty applications across the transportation, construction and development industries, with its superior functionality and features.

The Power of 6:

  • Power of Enhanced Performance
  • Power of Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Power of Comfort & Convenience
  • Power of Connectivity
  • Power of Choice
  • Power of Total Peace of Mind

The Signa 5530.S 4x2 is equipped with Cummins ISBe 6.7L engine, the largest selling engine in all the world, that delivers an impressive 300 HP and 1100 Nm torque. This means better pickup in all conditions as well as an excellent load pulling capability assuring heavy duty performance with all load types in different terrain. The engine is designed with a two stage Fuel Filter for optimised usage and electronic viscous fan for greater fuel savings. Features like a 3 mode Fuel Economy Switch, Gear Shift Advisor, Load Based Speed Control and Vehicle Acceleration Management further improve fuel economy. Owners can rest assured that the Signa 5530.S 4x2 is hassle-free and affordable to maintain. It's 430 mm diameter single plate dry frictional pull type clutch is organically lined for a longer lifespan, covering up to 200K km before needing a fluid change.

The Signa 5530.S 4x2 is configured with RA114 rear axle having loading design capacity of 13.5T further enhancing the reliability experience. This axle is oil lubricated, hence requires no greasing for life. Plus the rear axle ratio is optimised in such a way that it deliver higher fuel economy . Basically It is designed so as to have best of both worlds i.e. best in class performance & lower total cost of operation

The ergonomically designed Signa cabin offers comfort, convenience and safety. The latest variant boasts a new steering wheel, washable trims, PO6 decal, front head box enhancing utility space and twin LED roof lamps in CX variant and additionally 7'' infotainment with speakers, switches on steering wheel in LX variant, in addition to the 4-way adjustable mechanically suspended seat, air conditioning, 4-point cabin suspension with vertical and traverse shockers, accessible dashboard and control panel, that make journeys driver-friendly thereby increasing productivity.

The Signa 5530 is the leading 4x2 tractor trailer for its comprehensive offerings geared towards outstanding performance and profitability, while keeping costs to a minimum.