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      Tata LPT 1618 5L Turbotronn

      A new era in performance & profitability

      FeaturesTata LPT 1618 5L Turbotronn

      India's first MCV Cowl with "Fuel - intelligent" 5 l 4 - cylinder Turbotronn engine

      fuel intelligent

      10% higher fuel economy than nearest competition

      fuel economy

      230000 more operating profit over nearest competition

      operating profit

      Highest fuel-efficiency in medium duty trucks

      fuel efficiency

      Industry leading operating profit

      leading operating profit

      Lowest TCO( Rs/ton/km) in MCV space

      lowest tco

      Enhanced drivability, better uptime, lower maintenance cost, higher durability & reliability.

      enhanced drivability

      Gear Shift Advisor


      Gear Shift Advisor

      Gear Shift Advisor switch indication provided on dashboard enabling driver to achieve better Fuel Economy through audio/visual signals based on load-terrain governance

      gear shift advisor