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      TATA LPT 3718

      Now with Radial Tubeless Tyre option

      FeaturesTATA LPT 3718

      Higher Fuel Efficiency

      fuel efficiency

      Rapid and Refined Power Delivery

      rapid and refined

      Fuel Economy Switch

      fuel economy switch

      Load Based Speed Control

      load based speed

      Vehicle Acceleration Management

      vehicle acceleration

      Gear Down Protection

      gear down protection

      E Viscous Fan

      e viscous fan

      Longer oil drain intervals


      Superior engine life

      superior engine life

      Lower Maintenance Cost

      lower maintenance

      World Class durability and reliability

      world class durability

      Trusted TATA G950 transmission with higher torque capacity, fuel economy and durability

      trusted tata g950

      Higher capacity TATA RA110 rear axle with deeper RAR for segment-leading torque at wheel and Fuel Economy

      higher capacity tata ra110

      Deck length options: 27.5 ft (Pusher), 27ft (Tag)

      deck length options

      Pusher and Tag axle options

      pusher and tag axle options

      Tubeless Tyre option

      tubeless tyre option

      PTO enabled variant available

      pto enabled

      Rebound Arrester for high lift axle tyre life

      rebound arrester

      Reliable and Efficient SCR system

      reliable and efficient

      Multiple body options: Cowl, Cabin, Bulker, FSD

      multiple body options

      Best in class body design, build quality and durability

      best in class body

      Best in class Warranty

      best in class warranty

      Lower Acquisition Cost

      lower acquisition