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      TATA SE 1613

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      FeaturesTATA SE 1613

      Tata 697 Cri6 5.7 l engine


      Tata 697 Cri6 5.7 l engine with precise compression ratio for best-in-class power, pickup and torque | Refined BOSCH HPCR and Wastegate Turbocharger | Venturi Combo Oil Filter for higher engine life, lower resistance to oil viscosity, parasitic loss removal, higher removal of oil contaminants through higher flow rate using venturi nozzle and higher dust efficiency |Reduced maintenance cost with TMGO

      tata 697 cri6 5.7l engine

      Trusted Tata G600 (FGR: 9.19)


      Trusted Tata G600 (FGR: 9.19) and proven RA109RR (RAR: 5.57) | Clinically designed gear ratios and final drive deliver superior fuel mileage with optimised wheel traction and excellent gradeability (26%) | Reduced maintenance cost with TMGO

      trusted tata G600

      Shorter front and rear overhang


      Shorter front and rear overhang with higher approach and departure angles | Superior uphill and downhill gradient negotiation and loaded stability on winding roads

      shorter front and rear

      Semi Forward Control Cabin option


      Semi Forward Control Cabin option with RH & LH Marker Pole and Normal Vision, wide angle & proximity mirrors for enhanced driving safety in hilly terrain | Adjustable Driver Bucket Seat and Co-diver Bench Seat with Vinyl/Melba fabric upholstery | Better NVH

      semi forward control

      Cooled EGR emission control with POC & DOC - Easy to maintain | Low Cost | Efficient

      cooled egr emission

      Best-in-industry durability, reliability and running performance

      best in industry durability

      Fully built Water Tanker, Recovery Van, Dumper Placer available on order