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TATA 697 engines

Tata Commercial Vehicle 697 engines are robust, proven and refined over years of experience. Highly fuel efficient and superior in performance by using tried and tested technology, these engines are fitted with modern electronic control injection and common rail technology which makes them eco-friendly.

Electronic controlled fuelling through multiple injections and acoustically optimized components make this engine more refined in terms of better NVH .

The engine has efficient water separation to protect fuel injection system.

The 697 Series of engines offers low operating cost and high reliability. Manufactured at best-in-class facilities maintaining its quality while delivering its performance.

Tata Cummins Engines

Tata Cummins engines are reliable, high performing, durable and offer low cost maintenance and higher power-to-weight ratio.

Tata Cummins 6BT mechanical engine features

  • 24 valve centered vertical injectors to produce spray pattern for better combustion and less soot
  • It is renowned for simple and rugged architecture leading to higher durability and reliability
  • Easy to service hence low maintenance cost

ISBe engine features

  • High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system maintains required injection pressure and quantity regardless of engine speed for optimum performance across the entire power and rpm range
  • Rear gear train to reduce noise and to increase accessory drive capabilities
  • 24 valve centered vertical injectors to produce better spray pattern for optimum combustion
  • Interactive system including fully customizable features like cruise control, gear down protection for high performance and better fuel efficiency
  • Engines are designed to provide highest levels of performance, durability and dependability at a low cost of operation
  • Common ECM across platform