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Tata LPT 4221 Cowl &
Signa 4221.T Overview

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OverviewTATA LPT 4221 Cowl & SIGNA 4221.T

TATA LPT 4221 Cowl & SIGNA 4221.T

LPT/Signa 4221.T is one of the best business partner for transporters. Together with LPT/Signa 4225.T, the vehicle has emerged as the market's leading 14 wheeler truck across Industries.

    The salient features of LPT/Signa 4221.T are:
  • Improved Driveline
  • Optimised Performance
  • Lower TCO

The compact 4 cylinder-5 litre Turbotronn engine brings you unbeatable fuel economy. The larger cubic capacity per cylinder offers the robustness and heavy duty performance.

The EGR+SCR EGR enabled engine brings superior fluid economy. The linear exhaust module ensures lesser heat hazard and safety of the module from accidental damages.

The heavy duty TATA G-1150 GEARBOX enables all load-terrain performance. The 4 cylinder engine and 9 Speed gearbox combination ensures the dual benefit of higher fuel efficiency and robust load pulling performance.

The Improvised RAR results into continuous higher traction which ensures that the vehicle never loses the motion on up-gradients. This customisation also allows continuous higher gear operations for faster turn-around time and higher fuel efficiency.

The vehicle has PESO certified approval of 35KL volume for the POL tanker applications.

Applications: POL/ Non PLO Tankers. Cement Bags, Industrial Goods, Agri Loads, MLO.