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      The Tipper range by Tata comes loaded with high power engines that are capable of producing enormous torque and delivering great performance.

      Signa 3718tk

      Tata Signa 3718.TK

      Tata Signa 3718.TK with its excellent features provides superior traction, load acceleration, good restartability, and optimised fuel economy.

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      lpk 3118

      Tata LPK 3118

      Tata LPK 3118 with its high power producing capability and massive fuel tank makes for an ideal choice for industries that require frequent transportation of heavy goods.

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      prima lx 3125k

      Tata Prima LX 3125.K

      The Tata Prima LX 3125.K with its fuel efficiency, higher reliability, and longer service intervals is an ideal choice that require heavy usage of tippers for longer periods of time.

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      prima lx 3130k

      Tata Prima LX 3130.K

      The Tata Prima LX 3130.K is well suited for mining in coal, iron ore, lignite mines, and for bulk limestone movement in off-road applications.

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      lptk 3118

      Tata LPTK 3118

      The Tata LPTK 3118 is a heavy duty tipper that offers great mileage. Its high power producing engine makes it an ideal choice for construction and mining industries.

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      lpk 2518

      Tata LPK 2518

      Tata LPK 2518 comes loaded with a power performance engine that makes it a winner, especially in rough terrains and on difficult roads.

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      lpk 2523

      Tata LPK 2523

      The Tata LPK 2523 with its advanced features is a great choice for those looking for a power packed combination of performance, productivity, and easy driving.

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      lptk 2518

      Tata LPTK 2518

      Tata LPTK 2518 tipper comes with a well-performing engine, a massive fuel tank, and a high gradeability - making it an ideal choice for industries like mining and construction.

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      prima lx 2525k

      Tata Prima LX 2525.K

      Tata Prima LX 2525.K is an ideal combination of power and economy to deliver great performance, especially in the construction and mining industries.

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      prima 2530k

      Tata Prima 2530.K

      Tata Prima 2530.K is built specifically for off-road mining applications. The reliable powertrain ensures maximum efficiency.

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      prima 2530k

      Tata Prima 2825.K HRT

      The Prima Lx 2825.K HRT comes loaded with heavy-duty aggregates for superior performance, even in the most challenging terrains. The comfortable cabin has been designed to provide comfort to the driver on long journeys.

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      lpk 1618

      Tata LPK 1618

      Tata LPK 1618 is a tipper offered primarily for construction and mining industry. A power steering and an impressive gradeability of 42% make it ideal for climbing and manoeuvring easily.

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      lpk 1615

      Tata LPK 1615

      Tata LPK 1615 is a medium duty tipper that offers a power packed combination of performance, productivity, and value for money.

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      sk 1613

      Tata SK 1613 Hymiler

      The Tata SK 1613 Hymiler is a great performing tipper. With its high gradeability and a hydraulic power steering make driving easier and more comfortable.

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      lpk 1613

      Tata LPK 1613

      Tata LPK 1613 Hymiler comes loaded with a 100 Kw engine that produces optimized power to give higher torque at lower RPM and thus saving fuel.

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      signa 2823.tk

      Tata Signa 2823.TK

      The Tata Signa 2823.TK is India's first 3-axle tipper with increased axle load. The advanced calibration feature facilitates higher fuel economy and optimized vehicle performance.

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      lpk 1923

      Tata LPK 1923

      The LPK 1923 is India's first 2-Axle tipper with Increased Axle Load capacity. It comes with an ergonomically designed cabin to provide safety and comfort to the driver.

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