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      Tata Load Bodies

      Fully Built SolutionsTata Load Bodies

      Tata Motors fully built range of Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles is engineered & built to offer Vehicle buyers benefits of "Ready To Use" one stop solutions offering higher earning potential and peace of mind

      In this fabulous range, Tata Motors fully built load body solutions are designed precisely to deliver to industry needs and successfully delivering happiness to Customers and end users. Its superior design quality offers best strength for carrying various types of loads and offering the longer body life at the same time.

      Engineered with precise chassis and body integration which offers higher tyre mileage due to uniform load distribution and provide higher fuel economy. Tata fully built load body includes all the features required by Customers like climbing ladder, tool box, front guard, side door etc. which makes Tata fully built load body suitable for vast range of applications like FMCG, Pipes, Steels, barrel, parcel, coal, FMCD, agri bags, auto components etc. Out fully built load bodies ensures 100% material safety and peace of mind for Our Customers.

      With ability to carry your goods safely and swiftly along with OEM assured body warranty, Tata's Fully Built Container is an ideal choice for your business.