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      Tata Tip Trailer

      Fully Built SolutionsTata Tip Trailer

      Tata Motors fully built range of Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles is engineered & built to offer Vehicle buyers benefits of "Ready To Use" one stop solutions offering higher earning potential and peace of mind.

      Tata Motors Fully built Tip trailer is a Versatile solution in articulate range specifically designed to cater to the of coal and construction industry coupled with Tata Tractors promising unmatched performance in variety of demanding terrain.

      It is light weight and rugged trailer with faster tipping and shorter cycle time which provides more efficient working routines and eventually lead to more revenue per trip.

      The trailer is fitted with world class hydraulic system which ensures customer safety with better performance than locally made trailers.

      Tata Motors fully built solutions complies to CMVR and offers all necessary safety features for your goods and pedestrian safety as well.

      With ability to carry heavy loads with utmost ease and OEM assured body warranty, Tata's Fully Built Tip trailer is an ideal choice for your business.