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Tata LPT 2818

More eco-friendly, reliable and fuel efficient

Tata Increased Axle Load Range Tata LPT 2818

India's most dependable 4 Axle rigid, the Tata 2818, offers best-in-class TCO and profitability for customers and is the true warhorse in the 28T GVW segment.

Aptly engineered with a rugged and efficient powertrain, an enhanced capacity driveline to meet the Increased Axle Load Norms and a robust chassis, the LPT 2818 delivers best-in-segment loading capability, fuel economy and tyre mileage as well as unmatched torque at wheel and superior drivability. With options of cowl and tilt cabin and a range of market-ready fully built solutions (HSD, Reefer and Container), the LPT 2818 is a winner in the heavy duty 28T rigid truck segment.