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      TATA Signa/LPT 4223.T

      The Leading Performer in 5-Axle Space

      Tata Increased Axle Load Range Tata Signa/LPT 4223.T

      The Signa/LPT 4223.T sets a new benchmark in the 5-axle rigid truck space. Powered by a Cummins ISBe 5.9 CR 230 HP engine with a world class Cummins fuel injection system and innovative performance enablers like a gear shift advisor, the Signa/LPT 4223.T has emerged as the leading choice for customers in the biggest segment of multi-axle trucks.

      Available in both Signa and Cowl options across 3 deck lengths with Pusher and Tag Lift axle configurations with ARAI certified fully built solutions and a host of attractive safety, comfort and ergonomic features, 4223 is the new favourite in 5-axle trucking business.