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Tata LPK 1923

Power that drives profit

Tata Tippers Tata LPK 1923

The 18.1 tonne LPK 1923 is India's first 2-Axle tipper with Increased Axle Load capacity.

A Cummins ISBe 5.9 CRDi engine gives it a higher compression ratio of 18:1 for better performance and fuel efficiency. Its powerful engine is capable of churning out a power of 230 HP @ 2500 RPM and achieving a peak torque of 810 Nm @1000 -1800 RPM and is also designed to shut down in case of prolonged idling. This is manually controllable by the driver who can set it to cut-off anywhere between 2-5 minutes. Additionally, a Fuel Economy switch lets the driver switch between 'Light' and 'Heavy' modes depending on the load and power requirement.

The LPK 1923 has a 7 mm heavy duty fully reinforced chassis frame that is impact and crash barrier tested to prevent casualties in case of accidents or collisions. Its hybrid cabin is ergonomically designed and comes with features that promise complete comfort to the driver.