Tata Prima LX 2823.TK Tipper Trucks Tata Prima LX 2823.TK Tipper Trucks

Tata Prima Lx 2823.TK

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Tata Tipper Tata Prima Lx 2823.TK

The Prima Lx 2823.TK is a powerful 28 tonne Tipper with a 16 CuM Box body . Its mammoth 230Hp High Performance Engine churns out 850Nm @ 1000-1800 r/min. It has a wider range of peak torque resulting in higher gradeability, lesser gear shifts and better fuel efficiency.

Built to outperform in all kinds of weather conditions, the Prima Lx 2823.TK has been engineered with Roll-Frame Technology for increased strength and ability to handle lateral and twisted loads with ease. Its body is highly durable and resistant to corrosion in humid climates.

Some of the key features of the Prima Lx 2823.TK are its Fuel Economy Switch which allows the driver to optimise fuel consumption based on whether the vehicle is carrying a heavy or light payload, the Engine Idle Shutdown feature which ensures Engine is switched off in excessive idle conditions, and a Trip Mileage Indicator that enables efficient Trip Analysis and OPECO Management via Live and Trip fuel economy data.

This tipper comes with an Industry First Warranty of 6years / 6 Lakh km* warranty offering complete peace of mind to the customer. It also comes with a factory fitted and activated Tata Fleetman telematics device for Geo tagging, driver performance and fluid consumption monitoring through a mobile app.