TATA ULTRA 1918.T BS6 TATA ULTRA 1918.T BS6

      TATA ULTRA 1918.T BS6

      Experience the power of 6
      Experience the power of change

      Power Of 6

      OverviewTATA ULTRA 1918.T BS6

      Ultra 1918.t

      Logistics business in India has never witnessed the crescendos the way it is now. In a continuum of subtle yet conspicuous differentiation in terms of offerings to customers ranging from business success factors to brand sensitivities, today, we are in the age of Conflicting Demands. Overwhelming customers in every desired aspect of this new age trucking, escalating their business aspirations and raising the bar of Performance, Comfort and Class, the TATA ULTRA 1918.T BS6 is bigger, bolder and better in BS6. An 18,500 Kg GVW Medium Duty Truck with segment leading 12000+ Kg Payload (*on 20ft HSD), it infuses the right proportions of divergent design elements presenting an unique customer proposition of POWER OF 6

      • Power of Enhanced Performance
      • Power of Total Cost of Ownership
      • Power of Comfort and Convenience
      • Power of Choice
      • Power of Connectivity
      • Power of Total Peace of Mind

      Evolving into an asset like never before - EXTRA STYLE | EXTRA POWER | EXTRA COMFORT | EXTRA MILEAGE | EXTRA PAYLOAD | EXTRA PROFITS

      Powerful yet Agile, Strong yet Lean, Tough yet Smooth, the TATA ULTRA 1918.T BS6 combines technologically advanced and market proven aggregates like

      • TATA 5L 4 cylinder Fuel Intelligent Turbotronn engine with 2 mode Fuel Economy Switch and Gear Shift Advisor
      • High Economy Drivetrain
      • Feature packed New Generation ULTRA Cabin in SLP and NSLP versions across multi deck length options
      • 2 Value Feature Pack options - Cx, Lx allowing the customers to enjoy benefits of eclectically chosen vehicle features for enhancing fuel economy, productivity, safety and driving comfort
      • Application specific Fully built options like HSD, DSD, FSD, Container and Reefer and customizable special applications
      • Equipped with the "3E" brand statement of Efficiency | Economy | Elegance, TATA ULTRA 1918.T BS6 promises a whole new experience which is stylish and comfortable delivering the highest operating profit in the segment and is truly going to be the stellar performer of Modern Day Trucking in India.