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      Fully Built SolutionsTata Ecommerce Container

      Tata Motors fully built range of Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles is engineered & built to offer Vehicle buyers benefits of "Ready To Use" one stop solutions offering higher earning potential and peace of mind

      In this fabulous range, Tata Motors fully built Container solution is designed precisely to deliver to industry needs and successfully delivering happiness to Customers and end users. It is specially designed vehicle for burgeoning ecommerce applications which includes FMCG, FMCD and industrial goods etc.

      Its superior storage space gives the ability to carry more payload than market containers. The vehicle is fitted with weather resistant rubber profile which makes the vehicle leak proof and ensures 100% material safety. Tata's containers solutions is user friendly and can be customized as per varying needs of customer also Tata's fully built container is CMVR compliant which assures no enroute penalty and ensure minimum turn around time keeping you ahead in commitment and on time delivery.

      With ability to carry your goods safely and swiftly along with OEM assured body warranty, Tata's Fully Built Container is an ideal choice for your business.